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  • Every company is different, and because of this all of our services are uniquely reflected by your needs. There is not a manual for success, and our experts have the knowledge to advise you on your next steps to foster your success. We measure our success by the success of our clients, which is why we treat your financial projects like they are our own. RSB Investment performs following services as daily basis world-wide with strategic advices;

Commodities trade, both historically and modern times have had crucial impact on macro economy of nations. As RSB Investment two categories of trading commodities that we trade daily includes: 1. Metals: Including gold, silver, platinum and copper. 2. Energy: Including crude oil, natural gas and gasoline.

We’re offering creative financing solutions that support the demands of your projects and business. RSB Investment regularly engaged in projects in diverse industries all over the word. Industries that we project finance includes; 1. Oil and Gas 2. Energy 3. Construction 4. Infrastructure 5. Telecommunications 6. Mining and metals 7. Transportation

The term Corporate Finance is also related to RSB Investment. We help companies raise money by issuing and selling securities in the capital markets (equity and debt), as well as providing advice on financial transactions like mergers, joint ventures and acquisitions.

As your financial partner, we've access to a wide range of Bank Instruments from top rated banks globaly. We provide effective solutions to your finance instruments need for your future. Negotiable Bank Instruments that we offer to our network are listed below;